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George K. Clem has developed solutions and received the following patents:

High Speed Rail Tribometer - Patent #6,192,736
The HSRT will measure the coefficient of friction of the tread surface as well as the gauge face of both rails in track at speeds of up to thirty miles per hour. By monitoring the COF of the rail proper lubrication can be determined and maintained.  This results in a reduction in the wears of rail and wheels. Also significant reduction in the amount of fuel used to propel the train traffic.

In-Track Rail Base Grinder - Patent #4,751,794
This grinder will grind the base of the rail in the track in the crib space between the ties. The unique swivel head allows the base of the rail to be ground with 1¼” of the tie, thus being table to more fully utilize the crib space.

Method for Rail Grinding - Patent #4,854,088
The grinding method using the In-Track Rail Base Grinder.

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