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Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Training
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Training Courses Custom Tailored to Fit Your Needs

On-Site Training at the client’s location reduces the cost of travel expenses for their employees.  Training can be modified to cover the unique situations and requirements for each individual client.

Our Training Style is an open an discussion format; questions are welcomed and the answers thoroughly discussed.  Students retain the most knowledge from this type of education.

Training Courses:


FRA-Track Safety Standards Training

APTA Track Safety Standards Training

  • Track inspectors will learn how to apply the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Rail Transit Safety Standards.
  • Prioritized condition reporting is fully discusses; as well as the use of speed based track classification.
  • All components are covered: the road bed, track geometry, rail and special track work.
  • Course includes both classroom and field work.

Industrial Track Safety Standards Training

  • How to apply the Federal Railroad Administration Track Safety Standard Part 213 to Class 1 Track in the inspection of your track. 
  • All components of the track are covered: the roadbed, track geometry, track structure, and track appliances
  • Course includes classroom and field work.

Track Design and Material Specifications Training

  • Students who complete this class will be able to design track for industrial and mainline railroads.  They will also be able to design special non-standard turnouts as required by tight industrial sites.
  • Track layout can not be done by the “average” surveyor.  This work must be done by a trained person who understands the unique geometry used in track layout work.
  • Material selection for the type of service of your track will be covered so that the graduate can select the most economical materials required.

Track Inspection and Evaluation Training

  • Graduates will be able to perform inspections as required by the FRA for the class of the track. 
  • Students will create a bill of materials and scope of work for remedial work, as well as preventative maintenance, while keeping the track in compliance with FRA regulations.

CWR Neutral Rail Temperature - Adjusting and Maintaining

  • Students will learn how to determine the appropriate neutral rail temperature (NRT) for the track in a specific area. Students will understand the method for measuring the existing NRT of track and how to adjust the track to obtain the desired NRT. To maintain inspectors qualifications they must be retested annually.

Switch Maintenance, Adjustment, and Inspection Training

  • Students will understand how to install, adjust and properly maintain turnouts.
  • Common turnout problems and their solutions will be thoroughly discussed. 

Derailment Investigation Training

  • Students will understand that derailments are a result of three factors: track, trains, and operation.  Each of these plays a part in a derailment; determining the percentage of responsibility will be covered in detail. 
  • Inspection of the rail cars, track structure, and a evaluation of the operations of the track are completely covered. 

Track Quality Assurance Training

  • Maintaining a quality track structure requires that information and procedures be documented. 
  • The students will be guided through all the elements needed to create a Quality Assurance Manual for their railroad.  Without this manual, today’s under-experienced track maintenance personnel can not maintain the track with the required consistency. 

Rail and Frog Welding Training

  • Track materials are made with unique alloys.  Welding these components without a detailed specialized welding knowledge is ineffective. 
  • We teach the special welding procedures that are required, so as not to damage these materials.
  • Safety procedures in cutting and welding track materials is detailed.  

In-track Welding Training

  • The two methods of welding rail together is covered: thermite and flash-butt.
  • Students will be trained how to handle the thermal forces in the track structure while these welds are made.

FRA 215 Rail Car Inspection Training

FRA 214 Roadway Worker Protection Training


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